Web Hosting

Websites, Web Apps, Blogs, CMS, Web 2.0 Sites, e-Commerce
You’re not a hosting provider. Nor should you be. But behind your sites and apps sits hardware and infrastructure which someone needs to handle. And if what you’re doing is complex enough, you sooner or later don’t want to mess with the distraction of this full-time responsibility. But no worries, our Managed Hosting solutions take the hardware out of your hands without taking the flexibility, scalability and custom support you need day-to-day to do what you do best.

E-commerce Sites
E-commerce sites need to be secure, compliant, available and scalable at all times. And these priorities depend mostly on the infrastructure and support running behind the site. If there’s a weak link in just one place, your site could be vulnerable to downtime, exploits and the attention of some unsavory individuals lurking in the Internet’s shadows (the bad guys). Your site, revenue and reputation are all on the line. Good thing we (the good guys) take these things seriously for you.

Rich Media Hosting
Developing and managing content is the first step in creating a memorable rich media experience. The second—and equally important step is actually using an infrastructure that can deliver your content quickly and cleanly. Even if it’s behind the curtain, your hosting infrastructure, especially your storage, needs to perform flawlessly. And it’s our job to make sure it does just that.

Personalized Support
No more call centers. No more dealing with a different person every time you need something. No more transferring you to the “expert” who transfers you to another “expert” and then on to another “expert”, with none of them knowing anything about your configuration, your needs or even your business. And, most importantly, no more feeling like you’re just one more anonymous customer stuck in a system that works against you instead of for you.

Custom Plans
Inzane Planet builds a plan that has exactly what you need based on our experience and understanding of your business. We do this custom planning for you and provide hosting at a price that makes superior performance, reliability and support affordable.